New Classes & Popular Repeats for Fall Session

          Beginning Bridge – Bernie Smith is back to teach Beginning Bridge. He will teach for 2 hours and then students will play for 1.5 hours!

          Blissful Aging Staircase – Taylor Campbell, Seagrass Village. Go through the aging process with ease–downsizing, pain relief, stress relief, what is the next excitement in your life, etc.

          Canasta – Brenda Antolik and Anna Chapman will teach Canasta – a form of rummy using two full decks in which players or partnerships try to meld groups of three or more cards of the same rank and score bonuses for 7-card melds.

          Financial Planning Workshop – Dave Fieber, Edward Jones. Prepare for the Future–learn about all aspects of financial planning to retire the way you want.

          Grandma Moses – Susan Nevinger. Learn to tell your story through painting in the style of Grandma Moses.

          Safe and Healthy Living – Kyle Williamson, Community Hospice and Palliative Care. The course will focus on awareness, risk and preveniont for independent seniors to live safer and healthier lives.

          Smart Phone Instruction – Becky Foster & Jen Weatherly, Allegro. Learn tips and tricks in using your I-phone or Android Phone. Telling Your Story – Esther Lee, Ruby Sisk & Audrey Both. Let your family know your most precious memories.

          Trivia – Have fun testing your knowledge against your classmates, teams or individuals. Session Winners will get a free lunch!

          Tai Chi Easy – Standing or sitting, it is beneficial either way. Four components include mindful movement, breathing practice, self-applied massage and meditation.

          Your Health and Your Hearing – Gina Perrone, ACA, BC-HIS. Cognitive Decline Tips and Changes in Medicare; American Disabilities Act and Assistive Devices, Tinnitus Management, with guest speakers in the industry.

          Zumba for Seniors – Zumba builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves in a party-like atmosphere.