Spring classes


          Beginning Bridge – Bernie Smith is back to teach beginning bridge, a great opportunity to learn bridge!

          Conquering Weight Loss – Melissa with Concierge Care will help you to take the pounds off with helpful hints, great nutrition guides and a fun competition to see who loses the most.

          Decorating Secrets – Make your home look like a model on a petite budget while upgrading your lifestyle. Trade secrets giving confidence; help to save time/money and use what you have.

          The Earth’s Unusual Landscapes – Learn about the Earth’s most beautiful geography.

          Happiness and Health 2U – Learn ways to stay healthy, spiritually and mentally, to renew during this Spring Season.

          Henry Flagler and St. Augustine’s Gilded Age Hotels -Dr. Robert Gold is back to share more of St. Augustine’s history. This class will meet for 6 weeks, with a tour and lunch in St. Augustine on Friday, May 26. There may be a transportation fee.

          Jewelry Workshop – bring your own projects to work on with other SCOOP members

          Life and Times of Martin Luther – “God is Love” – A joyful romp through Christian history.

          Paper Engineering – Learn to cut paper into intricate designs to make beautiful art.  Bring your own self-healing cutting board.

          Portraiture 2 – This class will build on techniques learned during the Winter term in Drawing Portraits

          Trivia – Have fun testing your knowledge against your classmates, teams or individuals.  Spring Session Winners will get a free lunch!

          Tai Chi Easy – Standing or sitting – it is beneficial either way.  Four components include mindful movement, breathing practice, self-applied massage and meditation.

          Zumba Gold – Zumba Gold builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves in a party-like atmosphere.