What the Shepherd’s Center Means to Me

          I want to thank you for welcoming me into the SCOOP family! I have had a great two months on the job; learning the ropes, meeting great people and reconnecting with people I have not seen in a while.  The Shepherd’s Center is such a great program in a loving environment. I enjoy seeing the friendships that blossom here and how every member is willing to share their experiences and gifts. One area I am working on is our social media presence, see the Facebook news in this letter. I enjoy my work here and I hope to be a part of the SCOOP family for a long time. – Christy Fitzgerald

          In May, 2014, after visiting as a “snow bird” for 3 years, I moved to Orange Park from West Virginia. While attending services at Orange Park United Methodist Church, I asked what was available in the area for seniors. I was told about SCOOP. What a great opportunity!  I have met so many nice people while attending great classes that have been both fun and informative. If this isn’t enough, a nice lunch is available each week. – Jo Etta Clovis

          “The Shepherd’s Center has been such a blessing to both me and many others.  It is a very supportive friendly group of people that are always optimistic and fun.  We share our heartaches, challenges and joys with one another, lean on each other and nurture each other.  I always sign up for the Greeting Card Class because Ann does such a great job!  I love teaching the Jewelry Making classes and watching others develop their skills to become enthusiastic talented new jewelry makers. I am so very thankful to have the Shepherd’s Center in my life and for all of the fabulous friends that I have made there.  It has truly enriched my life.” – Nancy Keown

          “I have been going to SCOOP for several years now and always look forward to it. When I first heard about SCOOP, I thought it would be a good way to meet people my own age; and it was, but it was so much more. SCOOP has interesting classes, including arts and crafts. I especially enjoy the jewelry making classes, elder law, creative writing, dance and Clay History just to name a few. So if you are looking for a place to meet some nice people, have some fun while learning new and interesting things, all for a very affordable cost, then this is the place to be. Thank you SCOOP for making my life fuller” – Janice Perkins

          “The Shepherd’s Center of Orange Park is the best place to be in Clay County. This organization provides so many opportunities for friendship, helping others, sharing, learning new skills, keeping informed and being part of a healthy community. If you want to learn something new, there are so many choices. I have been taught to read a pattern to finish a crochet item and to play bridge. I have learned to grocery shop smarter. I appreciate the skill and tenacity required for paper engineering. The needlework class always challenges me. I learned about labyrinths and the intricacies of elder law. My husband George has wonderful students in his computer classes at the Orange Park Library. Each term brings additional opportunities for growth. There are exercise, dance, current events and Clay History and technology classes, and learning whether you are Nuts or Normal, and painting and photography. There are not enough hours in the day! It is vital to keep your mind and body active, and to remain in a social environment. Join us and bring a friend!” – Suzanne Tower

          “It means blessings beyond my ability to count. I fell last August and shattered my shoulder and fractured my pelvis. I was in the hospital for a week and then to Life Care of Orange Park for 6 weeks. During my stay I had so many wonderful visits from my SCOOP buddies, some bearing gifts, cards, flowers and lots of prayer. Today I am back to work, planning a vacation and best of all back to the Shepherd Center classes. Thanks for all of the love and encouragement. Friends like you make my heart Smile.” – Marie Tyre

          “My wife encouraged (maybe pushed?) me to attend classes. I responded in the very negative. Why would I want to sit around with a bunch of old people? Well, I finally relented. Those familiar with her know that she can be rather determined, or persistent, or pushy. At last, I relented. Talk about doing an about face, I now find myself an advocate, even telling my friends in Jax. My ipad class has been a joy. Classmates share, are polit and inquisitive. Our instructor, Ron Bell, doesn’t pretend to know everything, but he shares emails with us to exchange info. Get this, a student requested his phone number and street address. Did he protect his privacy (as I would)? No! What a nice world…it’s SCOOP! “- Bill Basford

          “I am so thrilled with my art instructor, Susan Mills, and the Oil Painting class. There is nothing like the joy she shows imparting her skill to someone else. It shows all over her face. I look
          forward each week to what I will learn in class to enhance my skills and talent. I am so glad I
          found the Shepherd’s Center!” – Ruth Connolly

          “I was unaware of the Shepherds Center and what it offers the Clay County community until I picked up one of the class schedules at the library. As a result, I enrolled in two classes this spring. Shepherd’s Center offers seniors a variety of classes that stimulate both the mind and body at a very reasonable price. With so many seniors on fixed incomes this is a benefit without measure!” – Fran Isert