Monday Classes

A very special thank you to our Adventures in Learning sponsors, including The Allegro, Arbor Terrace, Benton House, Community Hospice & Palliative Care of NEFL, Heartland Rehabilitation Services, Orange Park Medical Center Seagrass Village, Silver Link Consulting, Carol Weisenburger and The Windsor.

One Time New Member Fee:
Registration Fee:
$40 for all Mon. & Tues Classes
$30 for all Tuesday & Thursday Classes
$60 for all the classes above. (Save $10)

Payable by mail, online via the donate button or on the first day of class.
Orange Park Location: Orange Park United Methodist Church Family Life Center
2042 Reed Street & Stowe Ave.


Monday Classes: Orange Park Location
Oct. 15 – Dec. 10, 2018 No class November 12!

Morning Classes

9:00 A.M.

Location Class Teacher
Rm. 422 ELDER LAW Mike Jorgensen | Protect your assets.
Rm. 423 PROTECT YOUR NEST EGG! Dave Fieber | Edward Jones
Rm. 424 BINGO FOR PRIZES Rita Hewett & Annette Large | Exit Realty
Rm. 425 ELECTRIC KEYBOARD INSTRUCTION Janie Koch | Orange Park School of Music
Rm. 426 ESSENTIAL OILS Danielle Rehig
Gym TAI’ CHI EASY Rob Springer | Limber up your body and feel better.
10-11 A.M.
Location Class Teacher
Rm. 422 1967-1969 ROCK N ROLL Dave Neal |
Rm. 423 CIVICS 101 A STUDY OF OUR GOVERNMENT Jayne Malcolm |
Rm. 424 CREATIVE WRITING Dr. Doug Greenberg |
Rm. 425 ART APPRECIATION Susan Nevinger |
Rm. 426 BOXES AND BOWS Pat Fiedler |                                                              Gym MOVEMENT/EXERCISE Susan Stobe | Seated to standing – just move!              Gym PENNIES FROM HEAVEN playing | 10 am – noon
11:00 A.M – Noon.
Location Class Teacher
Rm. 422 CURRENT EVENTS Ken Johansen Cindy Stewart Arden Brey & Susan Howard
Rm. 423 GOOD READS! Cheryl McDavit |
Rm. 424 CIVIL WAR) Gary Monson  |
Rm. 425 SENIOR SOLUTIONS Carol Weisenburger
Rm. 426 HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND Kate Riggs | and you pick the state
Gym LINE DANCING Hal Hill & LouAnn Simpson | Have fun & stay fit!
Gym NEEDLEWORK Susan Stobe | learn how to make anything with a needle.          Gym CROCHET Ruby Sisk |


Noon – 1 p.m.
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Afternoon Classes

1:15 – 2:15 P.M.

Location Class Teacher
Balcony MAH JONGG Martha Huff
Rm. 424 YOGA FOR SENIORS via Ginny Ross video  | Breathe • Stretch • Stay fit
Rm. 425 GRAND MA MOSES (2 hours) Susan Nevinger | Class limit 15 | Pre-registration required
Rm. 426 WATERCOLORS/ACRYLICS (2 hours) Susan Mills *** | Class Limit 10 | Pre-registration required                                                                                                         Gym JEWELRY WORKSHOP Nancy Keown Judy Richendolar | Bring your own supplies to work on your projects

*** Cost: Students purchase their own paints and canvases