What the Shepherd’s Center Means to Me

The Shepherd’s Center means blessings beyond my ability to count. I fell last August and shattered my shoulder and fractured my pelvis. I was in the hospital for a week and then to Life Care of Orange Park for 6 weeks. During my stay I had so many wonderful visits from my SCOOP buddies, some bearing gifts, cards, flowers and lots of prayer. Today I am back to work, planning a vacation and best of all back to the Shepherd Center classes. Thanks for all of the love and encouragement. Friends like you make my heart Smile. – Marie Tyre

My wife encouraged (maybe pushed?) me to attend classes. I responded in the very negative. Why would I want to sit around with a bunch of old people? Well, I finally relented. Those familiar with her know that she can be rather determined, or persistent, or pushy. At last, I relented. Talk about doing an about face, I now find myself an advocate, even telling my friends in Jax. My ipad class has been a joy. Classmates share, are polit and inquisitive. Our instructor, Ron Bell, doesn’t pretend to know everything, but he shares emails with us to exchange info. Get this, a student requested his phone number and street address. Did he protect his privacy (as I would)? No! What a nice world…it’s SCOOP! – Bill Basford

Shepherd’s Center of Orange Park (SCOOP) is an opportunity to meet and make new friends. People are compassionate, kind and understanding. It gives me a chance to have companionship with others that enjoy some of the same things I do. It picks up my spirit when I am down by doing crafts and having fun with others. SCOOP allows me to share and to help others. It is a day (or more) to look forward to each week. – Barbara Evans

The Shepherds Center of Orange Park has brought such joy to me. The sessions at both Orange Park and Fleming Island are fun, informative and a great value for all the classes you can attend for a small price. I love to walk in the door and see the smiles and friendly faces of my new friends. – Diane Crowe

The Shepherd’s Center of Orange Park, affectionately referred to as “SCOOP” is a cheerful, energetic gathering of teachers and learners… full of new ideas, humor and family feeling! And it’s all here in Orange Park and Fleming Island and available for a tiny, tiny price… amazing! – Sandy Coffey

I am a repeat offender. You are probably thinking – Where is she going with this? My story begins in January 2009. My husband, Bill, had just retired and I was thinking…Now what? So I made a list. No, not a bucket list. It was things I wanted to experience or learn before I officially became a senior citizen. While making my list, I found a SCOOP newsletter at Pengrees and so my wonderful “Adventures In Learning” began. I looked forward to Monday classes, found many new friends and was able to check quite a few items off my list. I even got involved in volunteering. My husband had some health issues and I had to put my adventures on hold. I sure did miss my new family and felt lost without them. Bill is now doing fine and insisted we both register when I told him SCOOP was offering iPad classes. Now here we are and enjoying every moment. I’m back. I could not stay away even if I wanted to. That makes me a repeat offender, I mean attender. – Alice Basford

The best days of the week are Mondays and Thursdays at the Shepherd’s Center where I meeting with friends to share resources and ideas for writing projects. I am continually astonished at the stories of all the interesting, lively and FUN people I meet. Did I mention laughter – deep, joyful, stomach hurting laughter? Come laugh, learn and oh yes, I ‘m not afraid to say it – love with the rest of us. – Cheryl McDavitt

It is my filling station that has provided dear friends , belly laughs while playing games with my peers, stimulation of the old mind and dancing with the “stars”(Hal and Louann). Each week, I look forward to Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.On Monday and Thursday, I attend SCOOP classes and then on Wednesday and Friday, I work in the SCOOP office. My boss is the best Christian I have ever known, and I cherish the time I spend doing what needs to be done to make the organization tick. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful group. – Marie Tyre